Virtual com-port installation


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. This tutorial will teach you how to use the USB-comport. To use the example a driver installation is required. The driver can be found in the USBVcom example. To install the virtual com-port the usbvcom library is required, this library can be downloaded from here.

  • First download the usb virtual com-port example and save it on the Desktop for example.
  • Please open CoIDE.
  • Click on Project.
  • Click on Open project.

  • Please go to the virtual com-port example folder and open USBVcom.cob

  • Please connect the Simplecortex with the USB-debugger to the pc.

  •   First click on the compile button (1). After the compilation is finished, Click on the program button (2).


  • Please switch the USB cable from the USB-debugger to the USB-host.
  • Press the reset button (reset button is located between the two usb connectors).
  • In Windows open: Start > Control Panel > Device manager.

  • Devices with a note of exclamation have no drivers installed. Please click with the right mouse button on USBSerial and click on properties.

  • Please click on Update Driver.

  • Please click on Browse my computer for driver software.


  • Please click on Browse.
  • First select the folder where the example is unzipped, select the subfolder USB Driver.
  • Second click on next.

  • A security warning will appear. Because this is not a official certified driver, Windows will see this driver as a possible thread. Please click on Install this driver software anyway to continu the installation.



  • After the installation is finished, click on Done.
  • To check if the installation went well, please reset the Simplecortex again.
  • Open: Start > Control Panel > Device Manager.
  • There should be a com port named: Simplecortex Virtual COM port.



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