USB driver installation

The Simplecortex has an onboard programmer and debugger. By installing this driver, Windows will recognize the Simplecortex as debugger. The driver kan be downloaded from here:
64 bit windows: Click.
32 bit windows: Click.

WARNING! For installation of the USB-driver the Simplecortex must be connected with the PC.

  • Start the installer. When any security warning appears. Click on Yes.

  • The actual installer will show. Please click on next to continue setup.



  • In this window the installation folder can be changed. If you don’t want to, please click on Next.



  • The last step before installing. Please click on Install.



  • After the setup is finished, click on Finish.


Final check
If the drivers are installed correctly, Windows can check if the Simplecortex is connected. Please go to: Start > Control Panel > Device Manager.
  • Click on: Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
When the installation went well, Coocox ColinkEx Debug Interface will appear in the device manager.

No debug device connected:

1.Try reconnecting the Simplecortex. In some situations Windows will install the drivers after reconnecting the Simplecortex.

2.Check the firmware version in the debugger. INSERT LINK HERE: Documentation > Upgrade software debugger.

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