Setup Ethernet

The Simplecortex is able to host a website, though before the PC can access the web-server a few settings must be changed. There are several ways to connect a Simplecortex to the network. The first option is to connect the Simplecortex directly to the PC. The second option is to connect the Simplecortex to the router. In that case, only the firmware needs some changes.

These settings need only to be adjusted when the Simplecortex is directly connected to the PC.
The picture below shows a diagram of the setup.


To test the internet function, Windows need some network adjustments.

  • Open: Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Change adapter settings.

  • Right-click on the LAN network adapter.
  • Please click on Properties.


  • Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Please click on Properties again.

  • Please select Use the following IP-address. Type the following parameters.
IP-address                  =
Network mask             =
Standard gateway        =



  • Please click on OK to save the settings.

When using this option there are only changes required in the main program of the Simplecortex. In this situation the Simplecortex is connected to a router. The advantage is that every computer and even smart-phone in the network can access the Simplecortex. It is even possible to access the Simplecortex from everywhere in the world through the World Wide Web.

Disclaimer: Because the Simplecortex is connected to the World Wide Web it can be accessed by people with bad intentions. The developers of the Simplecortex are not responsible for any damage.     

Note that every time you create a new project, the ip-address must be modified.

The picture below shows a diagram of the setup.

  • In Windows; Please execute cmd and press Enter.


  • Type ipconfig /all.

  • Find the IP-address of your router (Default Gateway) and write it down somewhere.


  • Please open the Ethernet library in CoIDE. Open the file Ethernet.h

  • In this area you can modify the IP-address of the Simplecortex. Keep the first three numbers the same and the fourth in a number that is easy to remind; for example:
  • Warning, Never use an IP-address twice in one network. The first three number is the ID of the router, they needs to correspond with the default gateway of the router. You can variate the fourth number but be aware of IP conflicts between network devices.

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