The Simplecortex

The Simplecortex is a microcontroller development board that is shield compatible with the Arduino. The Simplecortex has a fast microcontroller, the LPC1769 from NXP. This is a ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller with 512KB flash, 64KB RAM and it runs at 120Mhz. To make sure that the Simplecortex is easy to use we made tutorials for almost every peripheral on the chip and examples to get you started.  There are tutorials for simple stuff like IO control up to more advanced tutorials for MicroSD cards. If you have ideas for a new tutorial or made a tutorial yourself, feel free to drop an email or post it in the forum. The Simplecortex also has an onboard debugger. It can also be used to program external devices like a self made PCB for your own project. No more microcontrollers with pre-programmed bootloader needed.

We made the Simplecortex as a final year school project. At school we had to work with the Arduino, there was no debugger functionality. For bigger projects or when working with unknown sensors or devices a debugger is a very handy tool. Also a good programming environment can help a lot too, stuff like code-completion is very nice. The Simplecortex uses a Eclipse based IDE that has more options and functions but still is easy to use. The IDE is made by CooCox and is a free to use IDE. A part of their tools is also open source. For more information please visit their website. The IDE is easy to install and use and is available for Windows XP, Windows 7 (x86 and x64).

The specifications of the Simplecortex versus Arduino:

simplecortex compare


The Simplecortex board consists of a couple of parts:



  • Power supply
  • Debugger
  • LPC1769 microcontroller
  • Ethernet



The schematic and PCB are made in EAGLE from Cadsoft. They are licensed with a CC-BY-SA license. Gerber files can be supplied on request but can be made with EAGLE.The files can be downloaded here. This file contains the schematic and PCB files for the Simplecortex 1.2 and 1.3, revision 0.5 and 1.0 where both still beta boards, for the few people that have one of those this zip file contains the eagle files for rev 0.5 and rev 1.0: zip.


For the people that got a PCB for a ColinkEx ARM debugger (the debugger on the Simplecortex) from Dangerous Prototypes, eagle files can be found here.

A list with all resellers and where to buy the Simplecortex can be found here.

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