Blog 15102012

A small update this time, a bigger update will follow end of the week.

We got a library for a LED matrix now, it can do some fun things like scrolling text. We also made a tool to generate custom pictures for the LED Matrix. it can be downloaded from our repository. We also made some small fixes in the libraries and on our website. In the meanwhile we are working on some fun hardware and software stuff, more at the end of the week, stay tuned. Untill then we will only share this picture:


If you are interested in a LPC1114 in DIP like the one in the picture, send us and email and we can send you one for shipping costs only.

blog 14082012 small

Time for an update.

We got a repository now using Mercurial.
In this repository you can find the latest examples, libraries and hardware files.
In the future we will stop using separate .zip files per example and only use the repository.
This month we won't delete all the zip files but they will be gone after the next month!
We made a small video guide how to use our repository, you can find it here:

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blog 12092012 small

A new month, a new update again.

We mentioned something last month about new hardware and here we go. ARM is working on an ARM debugger that can be used to debug all ARM M0/M3 and M4 microcontrollers. The debug software can run on any ARM M0/M3/M4 microcontroller with USB onboard. We used an LPC11U37 but with a bit of luck it should run on an LPC11U24.At the moment the firmware is closed source as it is still in beta. You need an ARM silver license to get the source code but it looks like registering is enough to get that. You can download the files here if you register at ARM.


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blog 15072012 small


One month later, time for an update.

A handfull of other webshops now sell the Simplecortex. A list can be found on our Buy page.

If you want to be a reseller, please contact us.

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Blog 10062012 small

An update from our side.

2 more webshops now sell the Simplecortex, both European web-stores. Arduinosolutions from Poland and Antratek from the Netherlands. Antratek is a big electronics store and ships to everywhere in Europe. Arduinosolutions is a reseller from Iteadstudio and seems to ship worldwide. In the future we will have an update like this every month explaining the new things to come and if something didn't make it.

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