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The 1.3 revision of the Simplecortex is available now. With this version the power supply issue is fixed and the pinout is added in the silkscreen. From now on it is also possible to buy the Simplecortex for wholesale. If you are interested in buying 10 or more Simplecortex boards, please contact us for more information and a better price.


Blog Simplecortex 1.2 problem

Warning: There is a problem in the PCB on the Simplecortex 1.2 in the power supply:

We got a Simplecortex from the latest revision in our mailbox a couple days ago and sadly enough there is a problem in the pinout of the Simplecortex as shown in the bottom picture:


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Blog library update

We updated the timer library, ADC library and PWM library.
If you are using any of these libraries we would recommend it to download the latest version from our website.
For the timer and ADC libraries the commands have sligtly changed:
For the timer library, instead of Init_timer the command is now called TimerInit
For the ADC library two declarations are not required anymore.
Please have a look at the tutorials for more information.

blog available

Update 04/02/2012: And in just a couple of days all pre-orders are sold out. We expect some more Simplecortex boards by 8 april and the next batch will be big enough to meet the demands :)

We got a lot of emails about pre-ordering and asking when the Simplecortex will be available again. At the moment the last small batch is made. This will be a batch of roughly 50 pieces. At the moment pre-ordering is possible on the Iteadstudio website. The batch of will be done at 8 April and pre-orders will be shipped then. When that batch is finished a bigger batch will be made. From that moment on bigger wholesale orders are possible for web shops that want to sell the Simplecortex and for schools or companies that want to order more than just a couple Simplecortex boards.

If you are interested in buying 25 or more Simplecortex boards for resale or if you want to use the Simplecortex for your company or educational uses please send us an email.

The following couple of weeks we will update the website and make sure all tutorials can be viewed on the website. This means no more downloading and unzipping before you can view a tutorial :) A PDF file will still be included in the download together with the libraries and examples in case you prefer offline viewing. Also we will try and add support for the 2.8 inch LCD arduino shield from Iteadstudio. At the moment only the 2.4 inch Arduino shield is supported and it's out of stock at the moment :( If you have suggestions for new tutorials or libraries please tell us in the forum or by email.

Happy coding :)


blog sales


Quicker than expected the Simplecortex is now for sale at Iteadstudio. If you are interested in getting one, please look here. A small reminder, the website is still in beta and we are working like mad men on getting it all done :)

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