Blog 14112012

A small update this time.

As all three people behind the Simplecortex are all students we still have exam week which costs quite some time. We did manage to update the LCD library a bit.

The LCD library now supports landscape mode and the touch input is improved a bit. The updated library can be found in our repository and the tutorial will be changed. We will be working on the Logic analyser as well as getting support for our CMSIS-DAP debugger in CoIDE. They now support the CMSIS-DAP for Freescale microcontrollers and ours will hopefully follow soon.

We noticed that CoIDE 1.6.0 is not compatible with our tutorials for CoIDE. We will update them in the following month. Untill then you can keep working with CoIDE 1.5.1 or try 1.6.0 if you dare ;)

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